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6.13. Big Sur Scan Scheduler Bug

Apple made a change in the latest version of macOS that introduced a bug with scheduled scans — nothing changed in our code. The bug occurs when a scheduled scan is set to run — you should still be able to run the program manually with no problem. We have identified the cause of the issue and have a new version of MacScan available that fixes the bug.

You can download the new version of MacScan (v3.3.2) directly from our server at:

Follow the instructions listed on to install MacScan 3 on your system. Be sure to drag the MacScan app icon from the disk image (.dmg file) screen to your Applications folder, and then launch MacScan from your Applications folder. Do not launch MacScan directly from the disk image screen, or it will not be installed correctly.

Once you've installed the new version of MacScan, you will need to disable and then re-enable scheduled scans, at which time they will run correctly going forward.

Follow these steps to disable and re-enable scheduled scans once you have installed MacScan 3.3.2:

1. Open MacScan.
2. Click the Scheduler icon at the top of the MacScan window.
3. Click the "Enable Scheduled Scans" checkbox once to uncheck it. This will disable scheduled scans.
4. Click the "Enable Scheduled Scans" checkbox again to re-check it. This will enable scheduled scans.
5. Quit MacScan once you have disabled and re-enabled scheduled scans.

After following the steps listed above, your scheduled scans should once again run as normal.

If you run into any problems with the steps listed above, or if you continue to encounter problems running scheduled scans, let us know and we'd be happy to provide further assistance to get things up and running on your system.

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