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6.12. How do I uninstall my old copy of MacScan 2?

If you still have MacScan 2 installed on your system, you can follow these instructions to uninstall it:

1. If you have MacScan 2 set up to run Scheduled Scans, go ahead and open the MacScan Scheduler app (located in the "MacScan 2" folder in the Applications folder by default), click the "Off" button, and then click "Save." The scheduler should notify you that scheduled scans have been disabled.

2. Drag the "MacScan 2" folder (located in the Applications folder by default) to the Trash and empty the Trash.

3. If you have the MacScan 2 icon (the old rounded lock icon) in your Dock, drag it out of the Dock to remove it from the Dock.

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