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SecureMac presents The Checklist. Each week, Ken Ray and guests hit security topics. From getting an old iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and other Apple gear ready to sell to the first steps to take to secure new hardware, each show contains a set of easy to follow steps meant to keep you safe from identity thieves, hackers, malware, and other digital downfalls. Check in each Thursday for a new Checklist!

The Checklist Podcast by SecureMac

Checklist 376 title image: Too Much Recall

Checklist 376: Too Much Recall

Microsoft’s new Copilot+ PCs shine with high performance but raise privacy concerns with the Recall feature. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS 17.5.1 update fixes a bug that brought back deleted photos.

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Checklist 374: 2FA Minus One

From data security debates to safer dating solutions: Discover how Tinder’s ‘Share My Date’ feature tackles privacy concerns amidst the Change Healthcare breach fallout.

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Checklist 373: Change We Can’t Believe In

This week, we uncover the fallout from UnitedHealth’s massive breach, rattling the realm of health data security. Discover how scammers exploit stolen info, and stay tuned as we unravel a crafty online shopping scam in South Korea and Japan.

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The Checklist 372: A Roku Breach and a Doubtful Exploit header image

Checklist 372: A Roku Breach and a Doubtful Exploit

Join us as we delve into the latest tech headlines: Roku’s facing another data breach, pushing for mandatory 2FA, while Trust Wallet’s warning on an iMessage exploit sparks skepticism. Tune in for the inside scoop on these cybersecurity sagas!

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Checklist 367: Love 2.0 Stinks header image

Checklist 367: Love 2.0 Stinks

Discover how AI is transforming romance and uncover privacy risks with romantic AI chatbots in this insightful episode. Stay cautious, stay informed!

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Checklist 366: Don't be THAT guy

Checklist 366: Don’t Be THAT Guy

Discover the latest in tech: Apple ramps up security, but cheap doorbells spark concerns. Plus, a study on anti-piracy messages reveals surprising gender responses. Join us as we navigate the dynamic world of tech challenges and innovations!

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