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Protecting and educating Mac users since 1999

Before SecureMac was created, no central resource existed that was devoted to Macintosh security, and it was rare for Apple news sites to report security issues. SecureMac was founded on the principle of raising awareness about Mac security, and initially started as Mac-oriented security news portal.

It soon became apparent to SecureMac that Mac users sought security solutions that no company provided at the time. With high demand, SecureMac began to grow, expanding its team and providing security consulting services. SecureMac's rapid expansion culminated in the development of MacScan and PrivacyScan, its flagship products for security, privacy, and anti-malware.

Today, SecureMac is considered by many to be a key contributor to the Mac security world. Over the years, we've received many accolades and awards, which only strengthens our commitment to providing security solutions for our users. We’ll continue to lead the industry with research, news and products to help protect those who love their Macs.

  1. SecureMac is born

    SecureMac launches as a Mac security news portal.

  2. MacScan Released

    After years of long nights, MacScan 1.0 is released to the public.

  3. Introduction of the Blacklisted Tracking Cookies Feature

    For the first time, MacScan offers a Blacklisted Tracking Cookies feature, removing malicious cookies.

  4. DNSChanger discovery & Removal Tool

    DNSChanger trojan horse discovered, SecureMac releases free removal tool.

  5. Apple acknowledges spyware threats

    Apple acknowledges that spyware and viruses are a threat for Mac OS X. SecureMac releases free removal tool for iWorkServices trojan horse. New variants of DNSChanger trojan horse discovered & detected.

  6. Happy Birthday SecureMac!

    SecureMac proudly celebrates 10 year anniversary.

  7. Boonana Discovered

    SecureMac discovers Boonana trojan horse, releases free removal tool.

  8. BlackHole RAT Trojan Discovered

    BlackHole RAT trojan horse discovered and analyzed. SecureMac identifies a new variant of MAC Defender, releases security bulletin & removal guide.

  9. SecureMac Releases PrivacyScan

    SecureMac releases PrivacyScan for the Mac App Store to address privacy issues in OS X. PrivacyScan awarded Best of Show for Macworld | iWorld by Macworld UK.

  10. PrivacyScan Wins Best Consumer Software

    PrivacyScan is shortlisted for Best Consumer Software in Macworld UK's 2013 Awards. SecureMac discovers an adware installer bundled with popular apps on CNET's

  11. Happy Birthday SecureMac!

    SecureMac celebrates 15 year anniversary. SecureMac discovers OSX/CoinThief.A, a new bitcoin stealing trojan horse.

  12. SecureMac launches New Site website relaunched with new design, features, advisories and news!

  13. MacScan 3 Released

    SecureMac announces major release of MacScan 3, available for immediate download!

  14. One year anniversary of The Checklist Podcast

    SecureMac celebrates it's one year anniversary of The Checklist Podcast. Each week, Nicholas Raba, Nicholas Ptacek, and Ken Ray hit security topics for your Mac and iOS devices.

  15. Episode 100+ of The Checklist Podcast

    We hit an important milestone this year with over 100 episodes recorded of the educational podcast geared towards privacy and security.

  16. SecureMac celebrates 20 years of Apple security

    SecureMac marks two decades in an industry which has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Our story parallels that of the security community at large, driven by a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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