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6.4. PrivacyScan says that it Could Not Clean some items!

If PrivacyScan is unable to clean an item, first make sure that you are running the latest version of PrivacyScan.

If you are running the latest version of PrivacyScan and still encountering problems cleaning items, quit the apps that PrivacyScan is unable to clean, then open your Utilities folder (located in your Applications folder by default) and then run Disk Utility to Repair Permissions or perform diskĀ First Aid on your Hard Drive. Restart your computer once Repair Permissions/First Aid is complete, then run PrivacyScan first thing, before opening any of your apps or surfing the web.

If PrivacyScan still can't clean items after following the steps listed above, let us know and we can investigate further! Please include the error message and the names of affected files and programs, as well as the version number for the affected program, and send an email to with any supporting documents as attachments (including screenshots).

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