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Web Confidential

Posted on June 2, 2001

“Where do you keep your confidential data?

Like most people these days, you’ve probably got a growing number of user IDs, passwords, registration keys, PINs, serial numbers, and the like, stored in various places on your Mac or scribbled on miscellaneous pieces of paper around your home or office. When you stop and think about it, you probably have more of these pesky bits of information scattered about than you realize.

The proliferation of the Internet is exacerbating this situation. Increasing numbers of commercially-oriented sites, such as the NY Times, require some form of registration even simply to view content. Other transaction-oriented sites, such as, or personalized newsites, such as My Yahoo, require passwords for personal services.

Now there is a software program to manage passwords and the like: it is called Web Confidential. It uses an intuitive, easy-to-use cardfile metaphor which enables even novice users to get up to speed in no time. Power users will find a large number of options which enable them to configure Web Confidential to meet their specific needs.

If you are an enthusiastic Web surfer, you will be especially impressed at how tightly Web Confidential integrates with your favorite Internet applications such as Netscape Navigator, Explorer, Eudora and Emailer. Web Confidential takes full advantage of the Mac operating system’s outstanding facilities, such as Interprogram Communication and Shared Menus, to make Web Confidential work seamlessly alongside these programs.

For creating pages containing personal account information at commercial sites, Web Confidential offers you the one-click convenience of its Password Shared Menu, saving you from the bothersome chore of having to retype your user ID and password each time you log in.

Last but not least, Web Confidential permits you to encrypt your password files, protecting this sensitive information from prying eyes, using a state-of-the-art encryption algorithm. Your key can be up to 448 bits in length. ”


Although we have not had this program checked for security flaws yet, it is a good place to keep your information. With the full blowfish encryption it uses, you should feel safe!


When deleting information you are now presented a confirmation alert.
You can configure the categories so that they will be automatically sorted.
You can set an option to always show the associated notes.

You can automatically save documents when you close windows.
You can save documents every ‘x’ minutes.

Version History – New Features

  • Support for Web Confidential for Palm.
  • Web Confidential can automatically fill in WWW forms.
  • Web Confidential cards have a new attribute: ‘Last Modified’.
  • Web Confidential can now create an Outlook Express POP account.
  • Cross-platform unencrypted file format (Macintosh and Windows).
  • Regarding the categories small changes have been made.
  • Web Confidential cards now show proxy icons.


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