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TypeRecorder – Keystroke Logger Review + Information to make secret

Posted on June 2, 2001


Keystroke loggers are common amongst hackers all around the world. Keystroke loggers do exactly what it says, it is a small program that logs to a file everything that you type and the person who installed the logger can retrieve the log whenever he/she wants. Hackers use the software to gain information like logins/passwords or any other useful data.


TypeRecorder 1.5 is a shareware control panel created by Rampell Software. The software itself is marketed as a tool that would be useful in the case your system crashes, power outages or any other situation that might cause you to lose data….. For instance, you are typing up a paper for work or school, suddenly your computer locks up and you forgot to save! Type recorder will have a log of what you typed and you may recover once you restart. Other uses TypeRecorder can be used for explains Rampell software in the readme is that the program is helpful in monitoring unauthorized use of your computer and has the ability to log the application, time and date they keys were pressed.

typerecorderlogs-1typerecorderlogIf you use this software we advise you to be careful that all your passwords, emails, messages, chats are going to be logged also, if someone found the log file the program stores in the control panels folder in plain view then you can run into some problems.

How to make TypeRecorder more discreet

1. Install. Restart. Register the software to avoid the warning message that you are using unregistered software once you start your computer. If you do not register the message will keep appearing. If a visitor visits your computer and sees the message they will know a keylogger is installed. Major security risk.

typerecordermenu2. Make the control panel invisible. Get a program like ResEdit (free from Apple) go to the file menu and click on “Get Info File/Folder” then browse to your Control Panels and select TypeRecorder and press the GET INFO Button. Find the box where it says “Invisible” and check it close the window and make changes. Do the same for the FOLDER called “TypeRecorder Records”


3. When you want to view the log files, simply use ResEdit can Uncheck the Invisible box from the “TypeRecorder Records” folder and save changes. Make sure once you are done visiting the log file you re-invisiblize that folder.

In the next version SecureMac would like to see the option to change the folder the log writes to and make it invisible.

New in version 1.5:

  • Password protection
  • Choice of destination data directory
  • Choice of application to open log files
  • Use of eSellerate Payment system


$15.99 Fee
Register online: Open the program to get details and register online!

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