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Tri-BACKUP…The only way to secure data – Backing up and backups

Posted on October 5, 2001

tribackup3usmainInformation steps into a new realm of security, that is securing the data on your computer. The best way we could think about having your data is secure is to have backups of the data. Backup your data and do it often! Fires happen, hard disks crash, and computers get stolen almost every second of the day.

Tri-BACKUP is the first backup utility for both Mac OS and Mac OS X. The programs easy to use and follow interface makes it possible for even the basic mac user to follow. When opening the program you are greeted with a simple interface, from here you can create new backup rules or go with a simple backup.


Many times you do not realize why you should backup files, setting up a program like Tri-BACKUP will remind you that viruses are always out there and they infect files like a wild fire. Protect by having backups.

Set up some rules that you will follow, for instance, when will you preform the backups, where to backup to (Hard Drive or Media) and how often.


Mirror Backup will create a exact replica of whatever you want, files, folders or hard drives.

Evolutive Backup enables you to backup and restore files by dates, once a full backup is produced some people do not have the time to keep backing up gigs of unchanged data, this feature will let you backup and of the files that have been changed by a date the user specifies. Another very important point is to be able to go back to a previous version of a document. Tri-BACKUp can save versions N, N-1, N-2, etc. of each document, allowing the user to undo his errors as well as to recover any corrupted file. That’s why Tri-BACKUP has two modes – incremental and evolutive – saving multiple versions of each file.

The picture below shows us making a backup of all the files within the Top10Security.


We set up the folder to be archives/backed up every day at certain times so after users on the network modified them we could always keep fresh and old copies.

Besides the obvious use of compression to save disk space there are other good ones. Having files compressed ensures that they have been archives and have not been modified, with date stamps you can tell when the archive was made.

The compression with Tri-BACKUP enables you password protect/encrypt your files.


Once you are ready to recover and restore compressed files simply double click the file of your choice which will be shown with this icon and then followed by this message, if you have chosen to password protect your compressed file you will be asked to enter the password.


Burn it to CD! If you have any removable media devices to store backups to Tri-BACKUP enables you to set sizes of archives to easily transfer it over. The screenshot below shows the partition size for 650 megs, standard CD media. The drive we are backing up is 6 gigabytes, we can already tell how many CDs we will be using to preform this backup.



  • Immediate Modes: backup, restoration, synchronization, and compression.
  • Programmed Actions, to automatically run backup, synchronization, and compression.
  • Multiple backup modes: mirror (exact copy), evolutive (exact copy that keeps versions N-1, N-2 dof each modified file), and incremental (only backup modified files).
  • Only copy needed files: unchanged files already in the backup are not copied.
  • Function to compare two folders, displaying all differences.
  • File Protection, with encryption and password.
  • Background mode so you can easily see the status of the processes.


Tri-BACKUP is one of the only ways to ensure that your data is truly secured by giving you the ability to back up your data with password protection on any media device. Back it up, burn it to CD or zip disk and place in a safe. Those Quicken files, the grade books, even those projects and resumes should all be backed up frequently. Start by downloading the program and giving it an evaluation period, if you like the program you may purchase it online.

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