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Posted on June 2, 2001


I believe the author saw WDTech’s Remote Admin Extension. This has very similar functions. This is still a great app. The creator of Remote Admin Extension (RAE) has pretty much laid off the project. He is more of a Hacker, rather this author makes shareware. This has a nice interface, supports multiple users and much more.


This is a must if you need to remotely control a macintosh. You can telnet to a specified port and use those good old shell commands to make things happen. I would recommend this file. If you don’t want to pay the retail price of Timbuktu, this file is a must.

Shareware Version has a $30.00 US shareware fee on it. You can download version 1.0 from or check out the site above for a newer version.


We suggest checking out the ReadMe HTML site with screenshots and descriptions on how it works. It has many commands and you can control the mac from any platform with a telnet client connected via network or tcp.

More Info

Author: Frederic Blondiau


The data is not encrypted when you telnet so your password is in plain text. It does kinda encrypt the password in the preferences. Not much more to it. if you know of any more insecurities please email us. We are more than happy to research and post it here!

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