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Posted on June 2, 2001


Weedo is the author of WDT Remote Admin Extension. He has been a great programmer for the macintosh underground. He has also released many other applications for the MacOS platform, be sure to check out his website


This program was intentionally made for illegitimate purposes. It was designed so that a user could remotely control a macintosh computer. With the passage of time, the program has become more advanced. You can now preform more tasks, and it has become useful for many network administrators. A user could still install this program without the owners’ knowledge and use it for evil. This program is similar to cDc’s Back Orifice.

Shareware Version

WeeDo has released a shareware version of Remote Admin Extension so download it, and check it out. You can download the latest version from us version 1.2b5 or get an old version from WeeDo’s Site


Commands list and syntax examples
WDTech Remote Admin Extension Description

WDTech RAE allows you to control the computer on which it is installed and do basic file maintenance through TCP/IP using any Telnet terminal. WDTech RAE is an Extension that runs entirely in the background, so it won’t annoy the users while it is running.
WDTech RAE can delete files, copy files, move files, shut down, restart, browse the computer, read text files and data forks, fade down the screen, fade in the screen and eject volumes. It can also do much more.

How to use WDTech Admin Extension

WDTech is incredibly easy to use. Just put the Extension in your Macintosh’s Extensions folder and restart. Whenever your computer is connected to the internet, you will be able to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world using a Telnet terminal client. (default telnet on windows machines is on c:\windows\telnet.exe).

If you connect to an unmodified Extension, the default port is 550 and there is no default password; just press enter when you are prompted for it. It is NOT recommended to keep the default settings since this would allow any malicious user to access your computer. WDTech RA Config. allows you to change your WDTech Remote Admin Extension’s port and password. Read the enclosed documentation (the document titled RA Config. contains Important Information).

When you log in to your computer, you will be prompted for a password. Once you have entered the password, wait for the> (or any other number, it’s the computer’s IP address) prompt and type ‘commands’, this will display a list of available commands for WDTech Remote Admin.


Here is a partial list of commands:
ls, launch, quit, getinfo ,del, makedir, copy
There are many many more; get the new version and read through the readme for a full list.

More Info

You can contact WeeDo by email or website. To send in your shareware fee of 10.00 send it to:

Guillaume Belanger
1775 Du Manoir, Outremont
Quebec, Canada
H2V 1B7

An email address is necessary, since it is the only way you can receive the application, serial number and software updates.


In other words, “hackability”: Any software or computer can be hacked if it is setup incorrectly. Its hard to make a computer secure and stop people from having access to everything. Something to do to make RAE more secure: Change the default port and password to something less guessable. There are many other ways then those listed here. If you know of one please email us. We are more than happy to research and post it!

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