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Posted on June 2, 2001


Drop a file on this application to quickly and securely encrypt it, or decrypt previously encrypted files. Supports both QE’s original encryption format, and a text-based one, suitable for sending in the body of e-mail messages. Supports self-decrypting archives, so you can send encrypted data to another user without them needing to have QuickEncrypt.

Download Version

You can download Quick Encrypt 3.0.3 from:

Or try Downloading From:
Dejal’s FTP Site


QuickEncrypt is very configurable and has many features, including archiving several files in one encrypted file, multiple worksets, user-controlled password limitations, default passwords, automatic encryption and/or decryption, verification of validity, the option of a standard source folder and various destination options, opening files once decrypted (via AppleEvents), and more.

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