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Posted on June 2, 2001


PowerCrypt implements the major cryptographic methods, standards and hash algorithms: DES, IDEA, RSA, DSA, PKCS, MD2, MD5. As well, PowerCrypt implements the major secure e-mail protocols: PEM, S/MIME.

PowerCrypt handles standard X 400 certificates:

It stores received new certificates both as a local password protected copy and a public copy in a central Certificate Directory accessible to other users.
It creates new keys and prototype certificates for certificate requests

You can use it to implement a Certification Authority of your own, to certify your own certificates for your work group or friends. i.e. PGP like central institution independent certification.


Well I think every program that deals with passwords, or personal information should be secured. This program enables programmers to easily implement some kind of encryption for their programs or data.

Download Version

You can not download this program from They do not want it redistributed, but you can download from their website: PowerCrypt’s Website

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