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Posted on June 2, 2001


Snip-it from Phil Zimmermann’s Why do you need PGP: ‘It’s personal. It’s private. And it’s no one’s business but yours. You may be planning a political campaign, discussing your taxes, or having an illicit affair. Or you may be doing something that you feel shouldn’t be illegal, but is. Whatever it is, you don’t want your private electronic mail (E-mail) or confidential documents read by anyone else. There’s nothing wrong with asserting your privacy. Privacy is as apple-pie as the Constitution. ‘


PGP in my opinion is the best cryptography program out there ‘for us use’. Its been around for a long time and the source code is out there so you know what its made of.

Download Version

You can now download PGPi from’s Website because of export laws, to download do it from: PGPi’s Download Page
Download 6.5.1i

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