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Posted on June 2, 2001


PGPfone (Pretty Good Privacy Phone) is a software package that turns your desktop or notebook computer into a secure telephone. It uses speech compression and strong cryptography protocols to give you the ability to have a real-time secure telephone conversation via a modem-to-modem connection. It also works across the Internet!


Suggest use with faster computers, this is for both PC and Mac so you can talk to whoever you want to. This does use your standard phone lines, so anyone with a computer and a modem could utilize it. Download Version:
You can not download PGP Phone from’s Website because of export laws, to download do it from: MIT’s PGP Phone US Download Page
MIT’s PGP Phone Canadian Download Page
Version 1.0b7 for the Macintosh works with 1.0b2 for Windows ’95


Secure talking over the phone, hey you never know who is listening. MIT’s PGPfones Website

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