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Posted on June 2, 2001


  • Fairly Good Privacy (also known as FGP) is a text-encryption program that’s easy enough for anyone to use. It is most useful for generating encrypted email messages that aren’t mean to be read by others. Using FGP, documents can be encoded multiple times, and then decoded by someone else who knows the passwords used in the encoding process.
  • Fixed a major memory-stomping bug that was the source of (hopefully) all of FGP’s crashes (thanks Spotlight!)
  • There are no longer separate 68k and PPC applications, only one “FAT” app that will run native on all processors
  • Added a “control tracking” function for the program’s encode/decode “buttons” in each window while running under non-Appearance mode — now the “buttons” will not immediately execute the encode/decode functions when the mouse is clicked (they will wait to see if the click ends in the rect before doing anything.)
  • Only one window appears when the app is launched and it hasn’t been registered (instead of two.)
  • Edited Read Me for content
  • Patched some memory leaks


This is not the strongest encryption. Its the easiest to use, just let your friend download a copy of the program and you can send ‘encrypted’ messages to each other easily!

Download Version

This program is Free, Once you use it 10 times, send a email to the author tim with your name, and he will reply with a registration code.
You can download Fairly Good Privacy from:
SecureMac – FAT version

Or try Downloading From: FAT


These steps below show the simplicity of the program:












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