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Posted on June 2, 2001


‘Enigma is a low cost, easy to use application designed to completely protect your privacy. If you would prefer your neighbors not see your personal financial data, your coworkers not see your performance appraisal, or your competitors see your trade secrets then Enigma is an application you will find valuable.
Enigma supports both the Macintosh and Window’s platforms. Encrypted documents can be exchanged between the two operating systems. (Note that at this time, vaults can not be used with the Window’s version).’


The demo version of Enigma uses a very weak (32 bit) encryption key and limits vaults to only 5 files. A 32 bit key is sufficient to keep casual snoopers and unsophisticated thieves from your data, it also happens to be legal to export. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, strong encryption.

Download Version

You can download Enigma 2.8 from:
Or try Downloading From Next Wave’s FTP Site
You can Register via Kagi

Or Send Check/Money Order for 20.00:

Next Wave Software, Inc.
3140 S. Peoria St. #247
Denver CO 80014


Key Features of Enigma for Macintosh:

  • Private key, DES encryption.
  • Accelerated for Power Macintosh for very fast encryption.
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Vaults that allow Finder like organization of encrypted files.
  • Self-decrypting Vaults for easy exchange of encrypted files.
  • Clipboard encryption for easy email of short encrypted messages.
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