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Posted on June 2, 2001


Empower Professional is a comprehensive security system, chosen by many large corporations, and featuring multi-level/multi-user access controls, enabling management of both folders and programs.

Whats New in 5.6.2:

  • Resolved conflict with the Mac OS 8.6 USB Iomega Driver
  • Resolved conflict TechTool, Protection version 2.5.1 Control Panel
  • Fixed freeze during Shutdown or Restart with File Sharing enabled
  • The Trial Remover is now built in to Trial software to make it faster and easier to evaluate
  • Other minor bug fixes and fine tuning


Empower Pro has long realized that efficient, transparent data security plays a vital role in the daily operation of any enterprise. When the System Folder, or any data or programs are inadvertently (or maliciously) tampered with, when you lose data, or when sensitive information is made public, the cost of that loss or exposure can be considerable.

That’s why Empower Pro has developed virtually user-transparent security products which do not affect productivity. The Empower Pro security software products are so easy to use that they genuinely get used on a daily basis.

Once installed Empower and Empower Pro goes on 24 hour guard duty, protecting your valuable information on the desktop and on the road.

Requires System 7.0 or greater, 2 Mb RAM, 2Mb hard disk space. Compatible with all versions of the MacOS up to 8.6 as well as HFS+. DES is only available in the US and Canada. Due to the export regulations, Worldwide versions of Empower and Empower Pro do not include DES encryption.


* Access to specific applications and control panels can be set for each user
* Ownership of folders can be set for individual users and groups of users
* Password requirements are fully definable
* User templates makes user management easy
* The default setting of newly defined users can be customized
* Unauthorized use of floppy drives and Trash can can be prevented
* Access log provides complete audit trail
* Multiple administrators are supported
* Confidential files can be protected with DES or MagnaCrypt encryption
* Special administrator Unlock utility
* Sharable Guest User account
* Control access to system resources and applications
* Individual files can be copy protected in order to prevent software piracy
* Secure password protected screen saver is included

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