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Posted on June 2, 2001


Easy, Foolproof protection. DiskLock sets up much faster than other security programs. Instead of having to select each file, you can choose entire folders with a single click. And DiskLock is virtually impossible to bypass–it loads before the system software, so unauthorized users can’t start up your system, even from a floppy disk.

  • IDE Drive Support: Supports IDE drives as well as Macintosh-standard SCSI drives
  • Multiple User Support: Set up as many users as you want, with an individual password and access levels for each.

DiskLock loads before the system software, so unauthorized users can’t start up your system, not even from a floppy disk.

File-protection feature prevents anyone from throwing away or deleting a locked file, accidentally or otherwise.
One-click locking or encryption lets you specify entire folders or individual files. Just drag and drop to encrypt or decrypt.

Extremely fast file locking, even for very large files, prevents anybody or anything from accessing locked files, effectively hiding them from unauthorized users. Two different kinds of encryption offer different levels of security:

  •    For maximum security, choose the exceptionally stringent DES, the U.S. government encryption standard (available only in the US and Canada)
  •    For standard security, DiskLock includes a fast yet secure encryption technology.


Power On Software has taken on a new product for them. DiskLock was Symantec’s product in earlier stages. OnGuard as another one of their products. This product makes you feel secure. Added encryption. And the good support from the programmers and staff to make sure its secure.


  • Quick and Easy encryption, Multiple user support.
  • Audit management
  • Logs important events that occur on the workstation, such as:
  • Invalid access attempts
  • The locking or unlocking of folders, files or disk


Because we have not had experience with this product the only insecurity is that of what the admin does and does not allow.
There are many more ways then listed here, if you know of one please email us. We are more than happy to research and post it here!

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