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Posted on June 2, 2001


Files deleted by the Macintosh through the trash can are easily recovered using most disk utilities, including Norton and MacTools. Burn securely erases data in sensitive files by overwriting the data one or more times before the file is deleted. When combined with encryption such as that provided by Enigma a user of Burn can keep their system’s sensitive data completely secure.


Excellent program if you want to totally delete those secure files/images/directories. A must have for the people who want to keep anonymous and secure.

Download Version

You can download Tresor from:
SecureMac – 2.5 version

Or try Downloading From:
Next Waves’ FTP site


  • Lightning fast file erasure
  • Scriptable
  • Erase Free Space command to protect all sectors on your disk
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface
  • User configurable erase pattern and erase passes

Now fully Macintosh 8.5 and Mac OS HFS+ file system compatible.

Enhance your privacy by securely deleting data from your computer. Most people don’t realize that emptying the trash does not erase the content of the file being deleted. Burn solves this problem by overwritting the file’s data before deleting it.

Burn features user specified erase patterns and number of passes.

Burn 2.5 fixes a problem where erase free space would not erase more than 2 gigabytes of free space from drives that had more free space available. Burn 2.5 has also been thoroughly tested with Macintosh OS 8.5 and the new Mac OS HFS+ file system.

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