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Posted on June 2, 2001


Let me clarify something for all of you. BackOrifice, NetBus – Those are PC trojans. They will not break your macintosh. The tools described are to control a PC infected with BackOrifice from a MACINTOSH. Yes a Mac. Don’t fear Macs don’t have registries and other fun things.


Some people actually use BackOrifice for their Windows computers for Free, control of the remote the computer. In nature Back Orifice is a trojan. It will let a user connect to it remotely and do odd things. Like have access to files, screenshots, printers, mouse, keyboard. All different things. The program MacBackOrifice will let you do these things from your macintosh computer.

Download Version

You can download MacBackOrifice for Free from Freaks Macintosh Archives


Control a Windows computer remotely over a network or TCP/ip.


If you know of any other BackOrifice type program for the Mac please email us

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