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Posted on June 2, 2001

AppleTalk is a network protocol. A lot of schools and businesses use this protocal as a cheap alternative to ethernet connections. The programs listed on this page may help you out. Listed below are a description and download area.

For more specifics on AppleTalk information

Advisory entitled Penetrating an AppleShare IP Network has been added. Admins READ, this will help you understand your security better.

  1. AppleShare Mail server, howto secure it from SPAM RELAY.
  2. AppleShare Server Information is an auditing tool for AppleShare Servers.  Read up on it
  3. PGPuam is used to encrypt data between AppleShare connections.
  4. Windows NT 4 + AppleShare Security issues covered here.


  • Network Security Guard 3.1 scans an AppleTalk-based network and helps determine if there are any security risks to the network. It is helpful in deciding whether more stringent security procedures need to be implemented on your system.
  • MagicKey 2.0.0b This is an AppleTalk brute force password cracking program. Test the security of your AppleTalk Network. A MUST have!
  • AppleShareHacks is a collection of hacks for Apple Share networks
  • Auto Guest is an application which will turn Guest on on an AppleTalk Network.
  • LaserLockout will lock everyone out of the Laser Printer on the network. For you Sys Admins: is your network not printing? Did a punk kid load up this program?
  • NetworkWatch1.0 is a tool to monitor network connectivity.

Tips and Notes

You’re wondering how other people are logging into your accounts? Maybe they are running a network sniffer that logs packets as they come across the network. Want to test one out for your network? Check out AgGroup’s Ethernet Sniffer Called “EtherPeek”

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