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Posted on June 2, 2001


An AppleShare Auditing tool which displays server information such as:

  • Server Name
  • Machine Type
  • AFP protocol versions supported
  • UAM:s supported
  • Server settings and features
  • Server signature (if supported)
  • Network addresses assigned to the server; both TCP/IP- and AppleTalk addresses.


Excellent Auditing tool for AppleShare Servers on the network. Get a view of what is configured.


  • Fixed bug in DoGetAllZones when checking len in TNetbuf structure.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of offset to network addresses and server signature.
  • Fixed drawing of icon for MacServerIP-servers on NT that seem to store icon and mask in long Intel-byteorder form.
  • Fixed drawing of server list and other items when application is switched in and out.
  • Increased buffer size in zone lookup, now we can handle really large (>500 zones) networks, thanks Apple! 😉
  • Increased buffer size in AFP-Server lookups, now we can handle large number of servers (>1000) per zone.
  • Better dialog handling and checking of result codes.
  • Added drag-and-drop of server items in serverlist to other applications so it contains a text dump of the server info.
  • Added OTAddress info in window for servers that don’t support network addresses in it’s AFPSrvrInfo block.
  • Added possibility to select items and scroll in server list with arrow keys.


This is a auditing tool; it should help improve your security and/or find any security problems in your appleshare networks.

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