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Posted on June 2, 2001


AOL has been around for a long time. I’m not going to talk about how good AOL is, because I do not like the service they provide. It’s a heavily governed provider where you get TOS’d for saying “Fuck you” to someone. Instead, I am going to talk about the Myths and Hacks of AOL.


AOL was a good place to find pirated software. I never pirated software, I just helped make the hells and tools =).

Download Version

You want to download AOL software? Go to their site if you really want to do it.


Lets you keep mail on the server so you can download when you want to. uMmm… get a lot of spam from people you have never met. Have people try to steal your passwords. What else does AOL let you do? Oh yes, scroll in chat rooms. And get TOS’d.

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Author: America Online
Or to find the software, take the disk from under your coffee mug and place it in your disk drive.


Don’t know how insecure the software is; the users are too vulnerable to make it worth testing. You know how on the Instant Messages on the bottom of the window it says “AOL STAFF WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD OR CREDIT CARD….” Well, try asking someone see if they still supply it for you. I’m not calling AOL users dumb, nor am I calling the service dumb. It’s just the “new user” reaction.

Let’s say you know an AOL user and you want to get their password. Well, replace their AOL application with the application below. It will load up, ask for l/p, and then it will crash with some error and store the password. So check it out, it’s made by a group called [stw]:

AolmostOnline b1

This program looks like AOL when launched but after the user enters his/her screen name and password and attempts to log on to AOL, the application appears to crash. What really happens is the program saves the screen name and password. This spoof is good to use in computer labs to collect a large volume of passwords.

There are many more ways to break through AOL security than are listed here. If you know of one please email us. We are more than happy to research and post it here!

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