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Secure FTP Wrapper for Mac OS X – FTP Security

Posted on July 11, 2001

What is Secure FTP Wrapper

Secure FTP Wrapper is a Java based program designed to easily make your existing FTP server compatible with Glub Tech’s Secure FTP client. In this release the wrapper allows for a Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, connection to be made to your FTP server.

This Wrapper is supported by Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux running the Java 2 runtime environment

Instead of using the standard FTP Protocal transfering data in plain text you are using a enhanced version which offers encryption. If someone is watching (sniffing) your connection of the server you are connecting to they can see the data you are transfering if you use normal FTP, interested in security? Add the Secure FTP Wrapper!

Why choose Secure FTP Wrapper? Easier to setup, maintain, and since it is written in Java it is inherently more secure (no buffer overruns). Within a few minutes your setup and running. There are alternatives to running a secure ftp server but we believe this will suit all of the administrators needs.

Developer: Glub Tech

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