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NetShred Deletes Internet Cache and Information

Posted on June 2, 2001


NetShred provides an easy, permanent way to destroy web browser cache, web browser history and email trash.

When you access Internet web sites using a web browser, copies of the images and text that you see are saved in a cache folder on your hard disk. Some web browsers even keep a list of the sites that you have visited in a history file. Anyone with access to your computer can look through the contents of your cache folder and history file. They can see which web pages you have visited and the words and pictures that you have accessed (e.g. personal financial information, web site passwords, other private information).

Similarly, when you delete email using an email application’s delete button and then empty the application’s trash, the message text is not physically deleted from the hard disk. Anyone with access to your computer can recover and read the mail you have thrown away.

Do you really want anyone with access to your computer (a child, your spouse, your roommate, a business associate) to have access to information that you consider private?

Once NetShred has erased the files, no one will be able to recover them from your hard drive, ever!


A must if you are concerned who might stumble onto your tracks. is sure that if you go somewhere on the web where you were not supposed to be that you want the information deleted from your computer. Security is a top priority for anyone on the internet, this application brings you a sense of security because it deletes unwanted data stored on your computer.

Shareware Version

You can download NetShred 1.8 from: – 68k – 1.8 – PPC – 1.8 – FAT – 1.8


Individual users can register for $10, Small Business for $25, and Corporations. You can register via KAGI


Configure NetShred to shred all three file types (browser cache, browser history and email trash files), or just the one(s) you are concerned about.

Configure NetShred to ask you before it shreds so that you can confirm or cancel shredding.

If you use Netscape, you may have more than one profile set up. You can configure NetShred to shred for some or all of your profiles.

Using the custom location option, you can have NetShred shred cache or Netscape profiles that you have moved from the default locations.

You can configure NetShred to run automatically (each time you quit from your browser or email application or each time your computer is shutdown) so you don’t have to remember to run it. Normally, your email application expects you to periodically empty your email trash (just like your OS expects you to periodically empty your trash can). Because NetShred shreds this for you, you won’t need to empty your email trash anymore.

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