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MySecret is the encryption program to easily encrypt and decrypt text messages

Posted on June 2, 2001


My Secret is a little data encryption program to easily encrypt and decrypt text messages. It supports 448 bit Blowfish encryption and external encryption schemes.


For secure hashing, it uses a combination of SHA1 and MD5. Included in the main distribution is a free 256-bit Rijndael plugin. All in all that means: My Secret’s encryption is fairly secure. Encrypted text is Base64 encoded by default, so you can send it over the Internet without further encoding.

The use or export of strong encryption software may be prohibited or restricted by your local laws. Before you use or download My Secret, you have to make sure that this is allowed and conforming to the laws of your country! The author of this program does not take any responsability for any damage or legal matters resulting of the use of this program.

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