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Mac OS X xnu Patches – MAC Spoofing on the Mac

Posted on August 6, 2001

‘I’ve posted patches for xnu that allow Mac OS X / Darwin to spoof MAC addresses, for use in conjunction with tools like Nemesis and Ettercap’ -peter


If you’re a seasoned Darwin user or developer, you likely have all the tools ready to go to build xnu, the Darwin kernel. If so, skip ahead to step 5. However, if you’re running Mac OS 10.0.x, there are several steps to go through:

  1. Grab and install the developer tools from Apple’s developer site if you haven’t already.
  2. make and make install relpath from the bootstrap_cmds project.
  3. make and make install the Libstreams project.
  4. Unpack the cctools project,
    • make all in the libstuff directory,
    • make macos_all in the misc directory and install seg_hack.NEW as /usr/local/bin/seg_hack,
    • make macos in the libmacho directory and install otmp_obj/libmacho_static.a in/usr/local/lib,
    • make kld_build in the ld directory and install static_kld/libkld.a in /usr/local/lib.


  5. Build the xnu project with the patches below and the proper options in bsd/conf/MASTER (inserted by the patch), and install your new kernel at /mach_kernel. To back up your old one should go without saying.
  6. Reboot.

Credits: Peter Bartoli

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