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Intego’s NetBarrier X for Mac OS X – Personal Firewall Antivandal Software

Posted on October 12, 2001

Intego revolutionized the world of Macintosh security with its widely acclaimed NetBarrier personal firewall product for the Classic Mac OS. Now, they have brought the same powerful and easy to use security product over to Mac OS X. This new product, NetBarrier X, written completely in the Cocoa API, brings the same security and privacy features you expect, only now taken to a whole new level in the stable, multitasking, multi-user environment that is Mac OS X. Unlike other programs such as BrickHouse and Firewalk, which only configure the existing firewall (ipfw) that comes with Mac OS X, NetBarrier X contains its own firewall, which replaces the ipfw, and does a whole lot more.

Simply put, NetBarrier X is a personal firewall and privacy suite created to protect your Mac against hackers, vandals, and other security risks for Macintosh users that are connected to the Internet. It provides a �four-level line of defense� for optimal security so that you can use the Internet safely, without leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks.


To begin with, NetBarrier X�s firewall monitors and protects all incoming and outgoing data. This firewall has an incredibly quick and easy setup for the inexperienced user, as well as having the ability to be easily configured for the power user with its customization mode, which allows you to create your own defense rules, offering the most secure level of protection. Furthermore, NetBarrier X keeps track of all network and firewall activity in an easily viewed log that can be exported for a record of the network activity on your computer. This log is useful for general activity archival purposes, or for sending to technicians in order to help diagnose possible internet problems.



The next level of main defense is the Antivandal feature of NetBarrier X, which contains various options for protecting your Mac against the actions of others which would result in the loss of network service or security to your Mac. It blocks all break-in attempts into your Mac; it detects wrong passwords, and logs vandal attacks for complete protection. Moreover, if an Antivandal alert is set off, various automatic notification services, and automated actions are available to inform the user and instantaneously respond to the intrusion attempt to prevent damage from being done






firewallconfigsmallInternet Filtering

NetBarrier X�s third level of defense is that of it�s Internet Filter, which analyzes data as it leaves your computer and prevents unauthorized exporting of private information such as credit card numbers, passwords, sensitive data, and more. This filter level features safeguards of personal information, filters AppleTalk and TCP/IP stacks, and protects you against data thieves, hostile Java applets, and hostile plug-ins.

Users can quickly and easily change and add filter settings to allow and deny incoming and outgoing traffic. Make your own rule set and quickly switch back and forth. One of those gamers or someone who does Internet conferencing and you just cant figure out what posts the software uses. Quickly switch the settings on and off instead of turning off all the security. We know many people who have nice firewall settings and when they play games online they just don’t know how to configure the firewall to allow connections so they turn off their firewalls’ and forget to turn them back on because its too much trouble. Now you can switch back and forth from your predefined settings with ease. Want to allow all data going out, or all data coming in, or restrict to specific ports, takes seconds!

logssmallAuditing Firewall Logs

You are running this nice software, part of security is to be able to locate and tackle where the problem existed. With the log files in reach by a single click you can tell what IP address is doing what and where it is coming from. One you finger out who is trying to penetrate your computer you can use the handy network tools to help track down where the attack is coming from. From there you can take the steps to putting it to sleep.


Finally, the fourth level, the Internet Privacy features, help maintain your privacy by giving you control over cookies, by giving you the control to block Spam and ad banners before you even download it. Also, it allows you to keep the information of the last web site you visited, browser, and platform information, out of the hands of web servers you visit.



Main levels of defense aside, NetBarrier X gives you other great features such as graphical activity gauges which monitor specific types of net traffic coming in and out of your computer, a listing of what network connections are made to your computer, a whois utility for easy retrieval of domain administration contact information, modem security that locks the modem port so that nobody can connect to it, a stealth mode so that your presence isn�t seen on the net, and the NetUpdate feature, which allows you to easily check for any updates available to NetBarrier X.

Without a doubt, NetBarrier X is currently the best security and privacy package solution for Mac OS X. It�s simple, easy-to-use, and it has the features to keep you secure. It�s a great buy for any Mac OS X user connected to the Internet!

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