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Insecticide – Antivirus Software, Virus Protection and Removal, Disinfect Files

Posted on June 2, 2001

Important Notice!
How safe is your virus protection software?

Not safe enough, rumor had it that the software company Fan Software released a defunct virus protection application called Insecticide priced @ 25.00 shareware . ran Insecticide through the 3 point virus inspection test against 3 top viruses (AIDS, ANTI A Variant, Hpat) downloaded from Freaks Macintosh Archives Virus area. The program showed that all three files contained no viruses. These files were then checked with a freeware virus protection software Disinfectant and all three showed VIRUS and were then disinfected.

To ensure that the program just did not contain information about those viruses jmh @ securemac checked against 10 additional viruses which he reported showed up without any viruses.

A few weeks back acknowledged this application due to the fact that it was shareware. This does not mean do not trust shareware, just research the application. There are plenty of shareware/freeware titles that offer the same performance as commercial applications.

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