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Trojan Horse Alert: HellRaiser (aka OSX/HellRTS.D)

Posted on April 16, 2010

Intego recently alerted users to the presence of a new variant of the HellRaiser Trojan Horse, which they identify as OSX/HellRTS.D. SecureMac has analyzed this new variant and it is detected in the latest MacScan spyware definitions update (Spyware Definitions Version 2010006) as HellRaiser Trojan Horse 4.2. MacScan has detected previous variants of this trojan horse since 2005.

HellRaiser is a trojan horse that allows complete control of a computer by a remote attacker, giving the attacker the ability to transfer files to and from the infected computer, pop up chat messages on the infected system, display pictures, speak messages, and even remotely restart or shut down the infected machine.

The attacker can search through the files on the infected computer, choosing exactly what they want to steal, view the contents of the clipboard, or even watch the user’s actions on the infected computer.

In order to become infected, a user must run the server component of the trojan horse, which can be disguised as an innocent file. The attacker then uses the client component of the trojan horse to take control of the infected system.

Both MacScan and Intego’s Virus Barrier X6 detect this trojan horse with the latest definition updates.

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