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Sneak Peek of MacAnalysis for Mac OS X – Preview NOW!

Posted on December 2, 2001

Sneak Preview of MacAnalysis for Mac OS X
“Exclusive Previews of MacAnalysis X!”

Lagoon Software’s MacAnalysis has become a manditory program for Macintosh users trying to secure their systems. MacAnalyis is a security auditing suite that runs on your Macintosh, test the security of a local or remote computer system.Read about MacAnalysis @ this review

After many weeks of programming they are almost ready to start distribution of their Mac OS X version. was given the program to take a look at – the program follows the same style setup from the classic version. Enhancements noted in the Mac OS X version are the internals of the program like quicker scanning, results pertinence’s and mac os x vulnerabilities.

Mac OS X Special Features

MacAnalysis for Mac OS X offers you everything you have been waiting from a Classic Firewall, and even more. it instantly enables you to prevent attacks which are intended to you by showing a security alert report. It also allows you to block specific protocols linked to Unix/NT/Mac Servers, Trojan, DOS attacks,etc.

The Firewall Detector runs a TCP/IP stacks monitoring’s system, allowing an optimal recognition of the attack intented to you. For example, MacAnalysis can detect if one person makes a traceroute towards you, sends fragmented packets in order to trick your system’s security, performs DoS attacks, exploits trojan virus via a backdoor etc.

Visual Traceroute

Basically, it’s a common traceroute function, but it has a fabulous look and style to help understand where the connections are from;it traces the path took by packets between 2 hosts by drawing lines on a world map.

General Info

MacAnalysis Mac OS X will show you general information from netstat, login, traffic reports and more giving you access to tons of information with a single click.

Download MacAnalysis for Mac OS X and Classic now!















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