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Securing Your iPad in iOS 10

Posted on November 9, 2016

Ten years ago, the idea of powerful, portable tablets in everyday use around the world seemed closer to science fiction than reality. With the incredible success of the iPad and the ignition of a booming market for tablets, though, they’re now as ubiquitous as cell phones. They make appearances everywhere from school classrooms to corporate boardrooms. Because so many of us now use our iPads as part of our daily lives, keeping them secure is a top priority. Should you ever lose your iPad to theft or misplacement, no one should be able to access your data without authorization.

With the release of iOS 10 and the addition of many new features, now is a good time to reconsider your security habits. For example, Apple introduced more complex passcodes in iOS 9 but retained the ability to use the older four-digit style. iPad users should strongly consider using only an alphanumeric key with a minimum of 6 characters in future, especially if they use tablets for business. Keeping your iPad locked down when not in use is always the first step towards better security.

However, iOS 10 introduces a variety of new lock screen features. For the privacy-minded, there are a few changes you’ll want to make right away. Otherwise, some information is too easily visible on the lock screen. The new lock screen widgets can display information such as recently queried Maps locations, your personal calendar, upcoming events, and much more.

As you might imagine, you may not want anyone who can access your tablet to view this data. Apple makes it easy to disable or edit the widgets your lock screen displays. You can still access the news, weather, and latest stock prices from the lock screen without exposing sensitive personal information. You may also wish to disable message previews to keep your conversations off the lock screen.

App security is important as well. Always check to see what permissions an app requests. Lock down location services (if applicable) to keep apps from using your location unnecessarily. iOS 10 makes it easy to quickly look through what each app requests on the settings page. Exploring all the security options in settings will allow you to determine the appropriate choices for your system.

As tablets continue to grow in importance, so too does their security. With vigilance and attentiveness, though, anyone can take control of their iPad data and keep it secure. Keep a close eye on any additional security updates Apple may issue for iOS 10 to protect against future threats.

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