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SecureMac Releases MacScan 3.3

March 19, 2020

Cybersecurity firm SecureMac has released the latest version of its macOS malware detection and removal tool: MacScan 3.3.

SecureMac Releases MacScan 3.3

New version enhances user protection; includes security patch

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (March 19, 2020) — Cybersecurity firm SecureMac has released the latest version of its macOS malware detection and removal tool: MacScan 3.3. According to company officials, this newest version will provide users with increased security and privacy protections, as well as offering them several UI/UX improvements.

MacScan 3.3 has been bundled with the latest malware definitions, a move aimed to help protect its users against an ongoing rise in Mac-specific threats. According to CEO Nicholas Raba, this proactive approach is essential: 

“Recent security research has shown a huge spike in macOS malware over the past year. As Macs become more prevalent, both in the enterprise and among home users, attackers will increasingly see them as attractive targets. This will result in new malware variants, and in a faster rate of Mac malware development. That’s why it’s crucial — now more than ever —  for users to have access to the most up-to-date malware definitions available.”

MacScan 3.3 also contains privacy enhancements, with a newly updated blacklist of tracking cookies bundled into the app. The blacklist helps users to automatically seek out and eliminate tracking threats from known offenders, safeguarding user privacy while at the same time removing files that take up storage space and can result in system slowdowns. 

In addition, MacScan 3.3 brings a number of UI/UX improvements, as well as security updates and enhancements to MacScan’s Privileged Agent and Helper Tool.

Licensed users of MacScan 3.2 should see the version 3.3 update when they next launch the application, since MacScan checks for updates automatically. The latest version of the app will also be available on the SecureMac website as a DMG download.

Unchanged in this version of MacScan are the software’s core features, which include multiple scan modes, automatic malware definition updates, and the ability to automate scanning through the use of the app’s Scheduled Scans tool.

SecureMac’s development team says that they plan to continue updating the malware definitions and tracking cookies blacklist to ensure that their users have the most current protection possible, and that further UI/UX improvements are anticipated in the next release of the app.

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