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The New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Has Big Implications for Apple Pay

Posted on November 10, 2016

In keeping with its long tradition of placing groundbreaking new hardware and software on its devices, Apple’s latest product event made a big splash. With the first new MacBook Pro models in years, there was plenty for everyone in the industry to discuss. From dropping Lightning ports to losing the physical Escape key on the keyboard, there was a buzz about many of the changes. Perhaps the biggest change, though, comes in the addition of the Touch Bar. No longer just a feature on the iPhone, fingerprint scanning technology will soon be a part of the MacBook Pro line. Not just for unlocking your MacBook Pro, Apple has bigger plans for its Touch Bar.

What else can you use the fingerprint reader for on your iPhone or iPad? That’s right: Apple Pay. With a quick double tap and a scan of your fingerprint, you can already instantly pay at a countless number of wirelessly-enabled cash registers. It’s fast, easy, and a product Apple clearly wants to develop further. Now, Apple Pay will be a part of the MacBook Pro as well through the Touch Bar. Want to buy something online? Just put your finger on the bar and let it authorize a payment through Apple Pay.

There is a major security boost inherent in this function. Think about how many websites on which you’ve saved your credit card details for faster checkout. If just one of those sites suffers a breach, it could expose your info. Using Apple Pay and the Touch Bar could eliminate the need to let many others hold your payment settings. Instead, you’d just need to entrust your card to just one provider — Apple — who then processes all the other payments. This method is a boon for everyone who wants safer, more secure ways to shop online.

How the average Apple user will respond to the Touch Bar has yet to be seen. More than just a way to add convenience to the machine, it also has the potential for truly improving security. Though biometric data must always receive careful protection, it certainly won’t be easy for identity thieves to hijack your payment details when a fingerprint is required. Apple continues to try to grow its “Pay” service. Therefore, it seems likely we can expect more innovations like the Touch Bar as they seek to make it ever more convenient for us to use their services.

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