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Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.0 with iOS 11 Support: What You Need to Know

Posted on September 26, 2017

Are you thinking about upgrading your iPhone this fall—either to the standard iPhone 8/8 Plus or the luxury model iPhone X? If so, you’re in luck: Elcomsoft has already updated its Phone Breaker software to support the new phones. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.0 includes support for iOS 11 and will allow for backup data extraction from Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X models.

Why Use Elcomsoft Phone Breaker?

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker has been a favorite tool among iOS users for a little while now. After all, the new incarnation of the software is version 8.0. However, some users still haven’t tried out Phone Breaker and might not even know what it is. If you belong to this group, you may be asking: should I download Phone Breaker 8.0?

The primary use behind Phone Breaker is to recover password protected phone backups. By default, Apple does not encrypt or lock iPhone or iPad backups. Since there is so much personal information stored on the typical Apple device, this practice could be a problem. The last thing you want is for your personal data to fall into the wrong hands, simply because you weren’t vigilant about protecting backups you might never need to use.  So password protecting your backups is a good practice to follow.

The problem with password protecting your backups is that there is no easy way to recover your backups if you forget the password. In other words, if you need to use a backup but can’t remember the password, your data is effectively gone. You will need to start from scratch, which means losing photos, contacts, and everything else that your backups store.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is a tool designed to crack your password, unlock your backup, and give you back your data. It isn’t a foolproof method, but it’s likely the best solution on the market if you are locked out of your backup and don’t want to start over from scratch.

What’s New in Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Version 8.0?

In addition to support for iOS 11 and the latest wave of new Apple mobile devices, the big perk with the most recent version of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is that it adds two-factor authentication support to the “Professional Edition.” Previously, only the more expensive “Forensic Edition” could break backup passwords with two-factor security. Version 8.0 brings that feature to a more affordable version of the software. (However, the “Home Edition” of Phone Breaker still won’t feature two-factor support.)

iOS 11 is also just more secure than its predecessors, which poses extra challenges in cracking passwords for backups. Phone Breaker Version 8.0 will supposedly be up to those challenges.

Click here to download the latest version of Elcomsoft’s Phone Breaker.

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