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Apple Vision Pro Security & Privacy Guide: What You Need To Know

February 22, 2024

Discover the advanced security and privacy features of Apple Vision Pro. Learn how to protect your data and ensure your privacy with the cutting-edge device.

Apple Vision Pro Headset
Apple Vision Pro Headset

Apple Vision Pro Security & Privacy Guide: What You Need To Know

Apple Vision Pro is a cutting-edge device with security and privacy at its core. It is purposely designed to protect your data and privacy, with a host of built-in privacy features ensuring your information is available only to you. In addition, the powerful security elements built into Apple Vision Pro safeguard against unauthorized access to your iCloud data and Apple Vision Pro device.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the security and privacy features of Apple Vision Pro, and what you need to know to ensure your data remains safe.

What Is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary spatial computer that seamlessly integrates digital applications and content into your actual environment. It offers a unique interaction experience by allowing you to control and navigate using your eyes, hands, and even voice commands. This is all powered by the innovative visionOS. visionOS is a mixed reality operating system derived primarily from iOS core frameworks. To put it simply, Apple Vision Pro is the future of computing, bringing a new level of immersion and interactivity to your digital world.

Privacy Features Brought To Apple Vision Pro

Apple has been a pioneer in integrating privacy features into its products, with Apple Vision Pro being no exception. Built on foundational features like Safari Private Browsing and Advanced Data Protection, it also introduces new measures for spatial computing.

Key privacy principles include data minimization, on-device processing, transparency, control, and security. These are embodied in Apple Vision Pro and visionOS by minimizing data collection, processing data on-device, and providing clear control over data usage. Let’s dive into the top privacy features of Apple Vision Pro.

Advanced Data Protection

Apple Vision Pro features an enhanced data protection mechanism that safeguards your personal information by encrypting it. This advanced feature ensures that your data remains private and secure from any unauthorized access.

App Tracking Transparency

With the App Tracking Transparency feature, Apple Vision Pro gives you control over which apps are allowed to track your activity across other websites and apps. It provides full transparency, allowing you to decide which apps can share your data and why they want this data.

Data Access Prompts

Data Access Prompts are designed to warn users when apps attempt to access sensitive data. These prompts will alert you whenever an app tries to access your contacts, photos, or location, giving you the option to allow or deny access.

Data Protection Classes

Data Protection Classes in Apple Vision Pro categorize data based on when it should be encrypted and when the keys to unlock the encryption should be made available. This feature adds an extra layer of security to your data.

Hide My Email

Hide My Email is a privacy feature that allows you to create unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal inbox. This way, you can keep your real email address private and control who gets to see it.

iMessage Encryption

iMessage encryption ensures that all your messages are end-to-end encrypted. This means only the sender and receiver can read them, ensuring complete privacy of your conversations.

iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is a service that encrypts your internet traffic, making it unreadable to anyone, including Apple and your internet service provider. It ensures your browsing history and IP address remain private.

Location Services

Location Services allow websites and apps to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS networks to determine your approximate location. You have the control to enable or disable this feature for specific apps or your entire device.

Privacy Indicators

Privacy Indicators in Apple Vision Pro let you know when an app is using your device’s camera or microphone. These indicators ensure you’re aware of when these components are in use and by which apps.

Private Network Address

The Private Network Address feature randomizes your device’s IP address so that you can’t be tracked across different networks. This feature helps maintain your privacy on public Wi-Fi networks.

Safari Private Browsing

Safari Private Browsing mode ensures your browsing history isn’t saved, providing an additional layer of privacy. While using this mode, websites can’t use cookies to track your activity, further enhancing your online privacy.

Controlling Information Shared with Apps

Apple Vision Pro provides the option to adjust the data you share with apps and control app tracking. The first time that you use an app and it wants to use your information, you’ll receive a request with information about why they’re requesting an explanation. 

You can then choose whether to allow or deny the request. Even if you grant access to an app, you can always change what they can access. Here’s how you can update those settings:

  • Open up settings
  • Choose Privacy & Security
  • Tap a category such as Reminders or Calendars. Each list will show any apps that have requested access 
  • Simply click on any app on the list to turn off or on their access

Reviewing How Apps Use Your Information

Besides being able to control what apps have permission, you can also see how apps are using the permissions you’ve granted them. This is a great way to have complete transparency over what kind of data apps have access to. Here’s how you can review app privacy:

  • Open up settings
  • Choose Privacy & Security
  • Tap on App Privacy Report. From here, you can see the app’s network activity and how apps are using the permissions you’ve granted them
  • You can tap on Turn Off App Privacy Report if you prefer not to run this report or want to delete the data collected

Allowing Guests To Use Your Apple Vision Pro Device

The Guest User feature on your Apple Vision Pro allows others to utilize your device with specific permissions set by you. During their session, they will need to configure the eye and hand settings, which will automatically reset to your preferences once their usage ends. Guest users won’t have access to your Apple Id, Persona or Optic ID.

To start a guest user session:

  • Open the Control Center
  • Tap the toggle to on, then tap the Guest User icon
  • Adjust the View Mirroring and Allowed Apps setting
  • Tap Start

To end a session, simply have the guest take off the Apple Vision Pro and it will end their session. However, you can also end your session by following these steps:

  • Open the Control Center
  • Tap the toggle to off, tap the Guest User icon
  • Then tap End Session

Family Sharing On The Apple Vision Pro

Family Sharing on Apple Vision Pro allows up to six family members to share Apple services, purchases, and an iCloud storage plan. An organizer invites others to join, and Family Sharing is set up automatically on everyone’s devices. You can manage subscriptions and choose which ones to share with your family. Purchase sharing can also be enabled or disabled, allowing you to control the visibility of your purchases to other family members.

Resetting Vision Pro in Case of Forgotten Passcode

The Vision Pro’s new feature allows for a hardware-based option to reset if you forget your passcode. You can wipe all content from the device, rendering it useless to anyone except the original owner with the Apple ID password used during setup.

Wrapping It Up

Apple Vision Pro stands as a testament to Apple’s commitment to privacy and security, providing users with a sense of safety and control over their personal information. For more personalized support, visit the Apple Support website or refer to the Apple Vision Pro Privacy Overview to learn how Apple ensures the protection of your data.

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