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Apple Releases iOS 12.3 and Security Updates to Its Products

Posted on May 20, 2019

The newest array of updates from Apple has arrived, with an array of updates for a variety of products addressing numerous security concerns, some of them serious. While these updates, particularly iOS 12.3, also add several new and exciting features that are sure to please users, there are also new layers of security and fresh bug fixes going into place behind the scenes to keep iPhone users safe. Here’s how the updates break down:

iOS 12.3

More than 40 separate flaws were patched and fixed in this latest version of iOS, though users aren’t likely to notice them behind all the new bells and whistles added to the system. Of the 42 total flaws listed in Apple’s security report, 20 of them are linked to WebKit, the engine that allows your iPhone or iPad to browse around on the web. The flaws vary in severity from minor to major, with some of the potential exploits requiring little to no user input to trigger. In one instance, a malicious video file was found to be able to start running its own code simply thanks to the user playing the file; other fixes involve shutting down doors that malware apps could use to cause trouble. 

macOS Mojave 10.14.5

These updates also apply to High Sierra (10.13) and Sierra (10.12). These new versions contain the many WebKit fixes found on iOS since the framework is shared across platforms, but also addresses about 20 MacOS-specific vulnerabilities. Most of these are low- to medium-priority fixes, but several more serious bugs could have allowed hackers to gain a high level of system access through relatively simple means. These updates are worth downloading for their WebKit content alone, but all the fixes are undoubtedly necessary. 

tvOS, watchOS, Safari, and Apple TV

All four of these products also received updates in the latest round; many of these addressed the same WebKit vulnerabilities corrected above. Some device or OS-specific bugs were also patched in these versions, so users of the Apple TV and Apple Watch should investigate their Settings as soon as possible to trigger the update.

With new threats and zero-day exploits arising all the time, Apple continues to face an ongoing battle to keep its platforms secure. The developers have done their jobs — now it’s time to do yours. Don’t forget to plug your devices in and update as soon as you are able. 

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