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AirPort Base Stations Receive Important Firmware Upgrade

Posted on June 10, 2019

Do you rely on an Apple AirPort for your home Wi-Fi needs, or an AirPort Time Capsule to keep your Mac always backed up? If so, you’ll want to make sure you’ve updated your device to the latest version. On May 30th, Apple released a substantial firmware update for these devices, comprised of several high-priority security fixes. Upgrading will ensure your network remains secure while allowing you to continue enjoying the devices with plenty of peace of mind.

The new software version, 7.9.1, includes eight security fixes in total. Of these, several are noteworthy. In one case, Apple says a remote attacker could exploit a weakness in the AirPort’s programming to cause a memory leak, potentially allowing the bad guy to glean information from the router itself or to gain a further foothold to start snooping. Two bugs allowed hackers to execute a DOS, or denial of service attack, on vulnerable AirPort modules, which would render users unable to use the device properly. A remote arbitrary code execution bug, which might let an attacker begin to siphon and steal information flowing over your network, also received a patch.

Apple also fixed one other interesting issue in this update, a concern with the factory reset capabilities of the AirPort family. It seems that factory resets were previously not clearing all user data. Whether this refers to preferences, passwords, or some other data is not clear. Nonetheless, while the average user might not face a considerable risk of personal data exposure from a secondhand AirPort, it’s always important to ensure you don’t have digital loose ends dangling somewhere.

AirPort users should update as soon as it’s convenient to take advantage of these latest security fixes and protections. Don’t know how to update your AirPort device? Follow Apple’s official guide to AirPort updates here. 

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