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Crypt for Mac OS X – Encrypting and Decrypting File with a Password of your choice.

Posted on November 3, 2003

What is Crypt for Mac OS X?

Crypt is a native MacOSX application for encrypting and decrypting files with a password of your choice. The cipher used is Blowfish. Blowfish is currently the fastest mainstream block cipher and is used in OpenSSH.

There are so many uses for encryption from securing resumes, office documents to photos. Remember when you use encryption like this you must remember your password, writing it down on a sticky note defeats the purpose of security!


If you can understand the concept of drag and drop you will easily get this program. Drag the file you want to be encrypted under Mac OS X onto the Crypt icon – after entering a password of your choice the file will be replaced with an encrypted version of the program followed by a .blowfish extension. Note Be warned that this encryption process totally deletes the original file!

When you want to decrypt the file you will need to re-enter the password you chose during the encryption process, after you supply the correct password it will be replaced with the normal unencrypted file.

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