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SubRosa Utilities easy-to-use encryption and shredding software for Mac OS and X

Posted on May 1, 2002


SubRosa Vol 1-File Utilities is Ltd’s first line of privacy products which help Macintosh users secure themselves and their personal data. The suite of software to protect your files consist of the following; file and folder encryption, multi-pass shredder, and free decryptor. Each one of these programs make it easy enough for any Mac user to enforse digital security on the personal data that is stored on the computer.

SubRosa Encryptor

The SubRosa Encryptor allows you to take files or folders and convert them into a encrypted archive that you can store safely using 128 bit key encryption. The archives are made in a format which allows users to transfer them over the Internet without being currupted upon arrival.

Your friend or family can easily decrypt the files by downloading the SubRosa decryptor for free from the FWB web page. Once they download the decrytor program all they have to do is drag the file onto SubRosa decryptor icon and enter the correct password. Without the password they will not be able to even see anything inside the encrypted file.

A ‘shred’ feature is available within the decryptor which allows the user to securely delete the encrypted files once they have been decrypted.

SubRosa Shredder

SubRosa Shredder allows you to ensure that the files you want deleted from your computer stay deleted. When you normally drag the item to the trash can and empty it with the right programs and tools any user can recover what you have deleted. The method the SubRosa shredder uses to delete the files does it in a manner which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to recover the files.

The methods used to securely destroy the data is achieved by writing an industry recognized secure pattern over the entire contents of the file, changing the relevant directory information, and then instructing the operating system to remove the remnants.

The default overwrite policy is set at 3, which is considered most secure. By clicking on the advanced options button, you will be presented with the option to select any number of times between 1 and 20, the higher you go the more the file is overwritten, however the higher the number the more time it takes to securely decinigrate the file you are deleting.


This program is compatible with systems 8.6 or higher with CarbonLib and was built for Mac OS X. The programmers made a wise choice supporting the classic platform and the Mac OS X interface.

The data you throw away today may not seem important enough to securely destroy or encrypt. If your computer is stolen or 15 years later your hard drive is obtained by someone, maybe you gave your computer away, threw it away or upgraded it; The data can be recovered if you do not take the proper actions of securing your data. Look in your e-mail inbox right now, see if there is anything there that you wouldn’t want someone else to see. When its on your computer there are chances it can be recovered.

When you are storing data online for someone else to obtain you should encrypt it if the data is important to you. You may think, ‘ Im just going to upload it so he can download it then i’ll delete it from the server! ‘ There are a million different scenerios that could happen between now and then that can result in someone else also downloading the file.

You uploaded it to the FTP server for BOB to download, a hacker was watching the network and see’s your FTP password and logs in to download the files you uploaded.

The file that should have been encrypted yet wasnt was sent via e-mail (all in plain text) the hacker saw your confidential file cross the network and grabbed what was being sent, your privacy has been violated.


  • “Drag and Drop” encryPtion and shredding.
  • Free SubRosa Decryptor for Internet distribution.
  • On-line manual.

System Requirements

  • System 8.6 or later. Built for Mac OS X.
  • Carbon Lib version 1.5 or above recommended for classic OS
  • Power Macintosh CPU
  • 8 MB of free RAM
  • Hard disk

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