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Keys Off Security

Posted on November 11, 2002

Keys Off is now at version 1.3.2, now fully compatible with MacOS 9 and includes version 1.5 of the BlackWatch screen saver.


Blue Globe Software has been producing high quality shareware since 1991, and they expect to continue this trend for a long time to come. They have updated and patched previous versions of Keys Off to keep it up to date. Their Software has many features you can not find anywhere else for a very low price.

DOWNLOAD Shareware Version

You can use Keys Off by Shareware, to download version 1.3.2 click here or to check for a newer version go to the authors site the single user shareware fee is only 10.00 register via Kagi.


Keys Off 1.3.1 is the newest version. It adds support for MacOS 9, provides an optional password dialog box, adds MacOS 8.5 Navigation Services support, incorporates the BlackWatch screen saver, offers a much improved User’s Guide, and provides a very important bug fix. This version is a free upgrade for all registered Keys Off users.

Keys Off is Blue Globe Software’s popular Macintosh security product.

Keys Off makes it easy to prevent anyone from tampering with your Macintosh. Once you tell Keys Off how you want your Mac protected, pressing a single Hot Key will activate that protection. Type in the password you have chosen and the protection is removed. Version 1.3 adds many user-requested options.

Unlike a screen saver with a password, Keys Off allows your Mac to display data normally while remaining protected. Plus, the protection offered by Keys Off can be highly customized. You can lock out the keyboard, menu bar, mouse clicks, power key, command-key shortcuts, or disk insertions, individually, or in any combination you choose. This makes it perfect in situations where you want your Mac to run a program or demonstration, yet you still want to prevent anyone from tampering with it.

Many users are finding that Keys Off has become an indispensable tool in their day-to-day tasks: salespeople who want to prevent tampering with their demonstration Macs, people who want to ensure their Mac is safe while away from their desk at work, teachers who need a Macintosh to remain active without students being able to modify it, parents who want to their Mac child-proofed, and many others.

Version 1.3 adds many user-requested features, including:

  • an optional password alert box to remind you when Keys Off is active. fully tested with MacOS 8.5.
  • support for MacOS 8.5 Navigation Services.
  • integration with Ken McLeod’s “BlackWatch” screen saver.
  • Keys Off can now hide what you are working on whenever it activates. a fix for a bug that would cause some machines to crash when the shareware reminder message appeared.


In addition

This version comes with a much improved manual, featuring a new “Getting Started” section to guide new users through Keys Off for the first time. provides hot-links in the “About box” to speed access to Blue Globe’s web site.

If you are a system administrator, or you are responsible for security software on more than one Macintosh, you should take a look at Keys Off Enterprise.

The current version of Keys Off is 1.3.2. Keys Off requires System 7 or later, and it is fully compatible with System 8 and 8.5. Click the Download button to get your own copy of Keys Off.

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