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IPNetSentry Network Internet Firewall Software

Posted on June 2, 2001


IPNetSentry is a simple and intelligent security application which protects your Macintosh from outside Internet intruders. This is particularly important for Macintosh users who have cable modem, DSL, or another high-speed Internet service where connections can be maintained and left unattended for hours (or days) at a time.

Unlike most other Internet security products, IPNetSentry does not erect barriers for the safe use of your Internet connection. There is no need to “punch holes” in a firewall for specific applications you may wish to run. Instead, IPNetSentry silently and intelligently watches for suspicious behavior, and when triggered, invokes a solid filter which completely bans the potential intruder from your Macintosh.


Installation and setup for IPNetSentry is quick and simple, configuration can be done from the Companion application (configuration utility) as seen above. The actual program IPNetSentry that detects intrusions is a FBA (Faceless Background Application) that is placed in the extensions. For the more advanced users you can go into the configuration file and specify rules with certain reactions.


To ensure you have configured your firewall the way you like there is the ability to test your firewalls’ functionality from outside networks as if you were being attacked. When your network detect and intruder it will block their IP address from connecting to your Macintosh all together. Simple to add and easy to remove with a easy to read log.




IPNetSentry is a simple to use yet advanced application for all your firewall needs. Instructions are easy for anyone to understand plus the ability to test your network to see if it is blocking outside connections is a great plus. The team working on this project are very open to IDEAS and would love to hear them.

Shareware is a key feature in this application, you buy if you like it. If you are looking for a firewall for your MacOS this is a excellent download for you, once you decide you like it you can register online !


Internet Connection/Network connection

New Features in 1.3.3

Bug Fix: Fixed bug where IPNetSentry reported port scans from Windows machines which were just booting up. The problem is that Windows machines often perform UDP Port 137, 138, and 67 scans upon restart in order to identify other machines on the network. In a heavy Windows environment this “chatter” could have repeatedly caused IPNetSentry to incorrectly report Port Scan type trigger alerts. This has now been fixed.

Companion Bug Fix: There was a memory leak when a user clicked either the Configure or Test buttons in the IPNetSentry Companion application. This could result in the application not being able to o retrieve the current URL from an open browser, thus apparently hanging.

Feature Enhancements

No need to use a browser to complete registration process. Key checking is performed directly through the Companion Application.


Register on-line at the Sustainable Softworks WWW Registration Page

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