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also known as BitCoinMiner, CoinMiner

    • Type:
    • Trojan Horse
    • Platform:
    • Mac OS X
    • Last updated:
    • 01/02/18 11:56 pm
    • Threat Level:
    • High


CpuMeaner is a Trojan horse. It comes disguised as a pirated software application, meaning that a victim would have to attempt to illegally download a pirated app in order to be infected by CpuMeaner. Once installed, the Trojan writes to the LaunchAgent directory in order to achieve persistence on the system (the ability to survive reboots). The malware then runs a custom version of XMRig, an open source program designed to mine the cryptocurrency Monero, and sets up a connection with a remote server. CpuMeaner uses the infected system’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency, giving the hacker credit for the work done with the infected computer by means of a legitimate cryptocurrency mining pool. CpuMeaner is designed to run undetected in the background for as long as possible, stealing computational resources from the compromised system in order to generate a financial reward for the hacker — and potentially slowing down the user’s computer in the process.

CpuMeaner Threat Removal

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