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also known as OSX/Jnana, OSX/Koobface

    • Type:
    • Trojan Horse
    • Platform:
    • Mac OS X
    • Last updated:
    • 02/09/16 9:14 pm
    • Threat Level:
    • High


Boonana is a trojan horse that spread through social networking sites, including Facebook, disguised as a link to a video. When a user clicked the infected link, the trojan initially ran a Java applet which downloaded other components, modified system files to bypass the need for passwords, and allowed outside access to all files on the system. The trojan would run invisibly in the background at startup, and periodically check in with a command-and-control server to report information on the infected system. While running, the trojan horse would hijack user accounts to spread itself further via spam messages. Originally discovered by SecureMac, Boonana was mistakenly identified as Koobface, a nortorious worm that targeted computers running Microsoft Windows. Further research validated SecureMac’s initial analysis that Boonana was a brand new threat, with official confirmation coming from Microsoft itself that Boonana was completely unrelated to Koobface.

Boonana Threat Removal

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