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SecureMac presents The Checklist. Each week, Nicholas Raba, Nicholas Ptacek, and Ken Ray hit security topics for your Mac and iOS devices. From getting an old iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and other Apple gear ready to sell to the first steps to take to secure new hardware, each show contains a set of easy to follow steps meant to keep you safe from identity thieves, hackers, malware, and other digital downfalls. Check in each Thursday for a new Checklist!

The Checklist Podcast by SecureMac

Checklist 181: Tech Takes on Coronavirus

This week, Ken looks at the Apple/Google team-up on contact tracing, Apple’s use of Maps data to fight the spread of COVID-19, and a story about brand phishing that’s not coronavirus related. Mostly.

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Checklist 179: An Updates Update

Apple has released updates for a number of apps and OSes over the past couple of weeks. In this Checklist, we’ll take you through the most important of these — covering new features as well as security fixes.

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A Checklist of Checklists Around Covid-19

The Checklist is taking a break this week, but with all that’s going on in the world, and with so many new changes to the way we live and work, we wanted to point you to some resources that can help keep you safe and happy.

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Checklist 178: Another Coronavirus Checklist

The world is changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. This week on the Checklist, we’ll take a look at how life is going to be different in the weeks and months ahead — and what you can do to stay safe, productive … and happy.

Security and privacy in a pandemicCybersecurity for remote workersTips from two decades of working at homeWorst-case scenario preparedness

Keeping your data locked …

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Checklist 177: The Coronavirus Checklist

This Checklist is all about Covid-19, the severe new form of coronavirus which has recently reached pandemic status. We’ll cover several safety issues related to the virus — both digital and physical

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The Checklist 175: Certified Good for a Limited Time

On this week’s Checklist, we’ll talk about Apple’s moves to improve web security. We’ll look at what Google is doing to make downloads safer. And last but not least, we’ll give you a quick intro to data breach prevention.

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Checklist 174: Building a Safer Nest

This week on the Checklist, we’ll start off with a big list of tips to keep your iPhone safe and happy … and then we’ll take a new look at Google’s Nest smart home devices.

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Checklist 172: A Ring of Trouble

On this week’s Checklist, we’ll revisit the issues with Amazon’s Ring, take another look at iCloud backups, and hit the highlights from Apple’s latest round of OS updates.

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Checklist 171: Here, FIDO!

On this week’s Checklist, we’ll see how private your iCloud backups really are; we’ll examine the strange story of how the richest person in the world got hacked; and finally, we’ll look at a technology that promises a better way to do 2FA.

This week on the Checklist:

Considering iCloud and end-to-end encryptionA WhatsApp bromance gone badIf you’ve got an iPhone, here’s FIDO!

What happens in your iCloud…

We’ve known for a while that …

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Checklist 170: A Great Big List + Home Insecurity

On this week’s Checklist, we’ll take a look at someone else’s checklist of security tips, plus we’ll talk about what happens when companies that don’t specialize in security decide to get into the security business.

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Checklist 169: New Year, New Rules!

It’s the first Checklist of 2020, and we’re starting things off with some important privacy news from the great state of California. We’ll also discuss (another) potential issue with Amazon’s Ring doorbell surveillance camera. And finally, we’ll leave you with a decidedly low-tech security tip that you’ll want to remember all year long!

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Best of the Checklist: January 2nd, 2019

The Checklist is taking a little holiday break this week, but we’ll be back on the 9th of January with a new podcast. Until then, we’d like to invite you to check out these classic Checklists you might have missed, especially as they touch on topics that have been in the news of late! 

In what follows, we’ll let you know what’s been going on in the world of cybersecurity for …

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Checklist 168: It only FEELS like a recap

This week’s Checklist topics may sound familiar, but don’t be fooled! We revisit three stories that we’ve talked about before, but which now have some updates worth discussing (spoiler: it’s not all good news!).

On this week’s Checklist, it’s deja vu all over again:

$20 bucks and a security breach on pump four…revisitedLast week’s Communications Limits…revisitedBad passwords…revisited (again)

$20 on four: the case for paper money

Earlier in the year, we covered a story …

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