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SecureMac presents The Checklist. Each week, Nicholas Raba, Nicholas Ptacek, and Ken Ray hit security topics for your Mac and iOS devices. From getting an old iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and other Apple gear ready to sell to the first steps to take to secure new hardware, each show contains a set of easy to follow steps meant to keep you safe from identity thieves, hackers, malware, and other digital downfalls. Check in each Thursday for a new Checklist!

The Checklist Podcast by SecureMac

Checklist 154: Should you put a Ring on it?

On this edition of The Checklist we discuss Warnings from Facebook about warnings about Facebook, ‘Amazon, your neighbours, and the police wanna put a Ring on it’, and When smart things turn dumb.

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Checklist 152: Sharing is Scaring

On this edition of The Checklist: Convenience versus privacy on Yelp, Tips for staying digitally safe on campus, and Everybody needs to update their everything!

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Checklist 151: Too Close for Security Comfort

This week on the Checklist podcast, we’ll talk about how to deal with security risks that come from those closest to you (literally). We’ll take you through some bad iOS news from the past week, and also discuss how it relates to a larger issue related to mobile security. And finally, we revisit a familiar topic—passwords—and tell you about some newly released Google research that probably means we’ll have to …

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Checklist 149: Security Tripping with The Checklist

This week, we say hello to August with a groan as news of more big data breaches that could affect our financial lives comes out. Then we’ll pivot to talk about how you can stay safe when you squeeze in one last summer vacation before autumn arrives, and we’ll round things out with a follow-up to a follow-up. It’s in the name of the show — so here’s this week’s …

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Checklist 146: Just Because You Can…

On this edition of The Checklist we talk about: Should YOU be running beta software? Should ANYONE block Apple’s silent updates? And should there REALLY be an app for your flatiron?

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Checklist 145: Zooming on Through

On this edition of The Checklist: A look at the Zoom for Mac vulnerability, OpenID raises questions over Sign in with Apple, and The UK issues some big GDPR fine.

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Checklist 142: Panic! at the Drive-Thru

On this week’s episode: A four-year security breach at Checkers and Rally’s, Microsoft suggests killing off killing off passwords, and Apple leaves room to peek into MDM deployments

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Checklist 141: Security Privacy and WWDC

This week, we aren’t tackling an organized list as such — more like a rundown of a ton of events in a free-ranging discussion! We’re talking about WWDC, of course, the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple hosted this week. It’s an annual event where Apple often makes its big software announcements for the year and lays out the road ahead for the company’s technology. We’re looking at some of the security …

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Checklist 140: To Track or Not to Track?

On this week’s Checklist by SecureMac: Apps are talking in your sleep, A case against tracking software for kids, A followup on ZombieLoad, and Automatic updates and. FileVault.

Is your phone talking behind your back? It might seem like an odd question, but the answer might be as surprising to you as it recently was to some security researchers. Here’s another question: how closely should you monitor your kids? Despite the popularity …

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Checklist 139: 2FA 101

We mention two-factor authentication quite a bit, but it’s been a while since we took a close look. On this week’s Checklist by SecureMac: Different types of authentication, What kinds of accounts should employ it, and August tells a 2FA tale.

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Checklist 138: Any Times a Good Time for an Update

A tricky class of vulnerability rises from the grave to trouble us again, one of the world’s most popular communications apps turns out to have a glaring flaw in its code that requires an immediate update to fix, and it’s time again to update your Apple devices — those stories, and all the details you need to know, are right here on today’s show. Here are the stories we’re checking …

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Checklist 135: Share This Show

On this week’s Checklist by SecureMac, we talk over the digital facts of life with mom and dad. Our topics include: Ellen Degeneres is NOT giving things away on Facebook, How to share your wifi network (and why you may not want to) & Password safety: Because we keep being unsafe with our passwords

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