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PrivacyScan Available on Apple’s Volume Purchase Program

Posted on November 12, 2013

SecureMac’s award winning PrivacyScan software can now be downloaded in volume by schools, businesses and other organizations via the Apple Volume Purchase Program. Prior to last month, bulk purchasing software license keys was only an option for Apple software products such as GarageBand and iMovie. It is now open to all software developers creating apps and other products for iOS or OSX.

The PrivacyScan software is referred to by many as a “personal privacy clean up utility.” It scans the hard drive for information that could lead to hidden privacy threats, making highly effective in business environments.

In the memo released by Apple, the tech giant invited developers to create volume licensing packages for organizations purchasing over 20 copies. They’ll receive a 50% discount in the process. The time when installing software business-wide meant buying a box full of discs and distributing them among employees is now in the past. It’s now done in just one click.

Apple’s Announcement to Developers

In an email announcement to developers, Apple stated that:

“We’re pleased to announce that Mac apps will soon be eligible to participate in the Volume Purchase Program for Business and Education. The Volume Purchase Program allows businesses or educational institutions to purchase multiple copies of your app at once.”

As a market leader in Apple security, PrivacyScan has followed Apple’s lead and has extended its reach further than ever before. In an interview, SecureMac CEO Nicholas Raba said:

“This is a smart move from Apple and one we’ve expected for some time. PrivacyScan sales have been going from strength to strength as more people become more savvy about online privacy. Now, we can help make a difference to enterprise and education, too.”

Why is Mac Security so Critical to Businesses & Education?

Over the past 15 years or so, students have become increasingly comfortable with technology at increasingly younger ages. Reports of security breaches in schools have risen exponentially as the distribution of desktop computers has become more standardized in educational establishments for all ages. 

As for businesses, security has always been imperative. Changes in the technology landscape, including initiatives such as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), has compounded the fact that security always brings continuing challenges to the workplace.

Notes for Editors

Editors looking for a first-hand experience with the PrivacyScan software can request an NFR serial key. Nicholas Raba is available for an interview regarding PrivacyScan, the recent news about Volume Purchase Licensing from Apple or the current state of Internet consumer privacy as a whole.


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