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Apple Postpones Mandatory Move to App Transport Security

Posted on January 9, 2017

In a recent article, we covered Apple’s App Transport Security (ATS) feature and the security benefits its implementation brings to users. Apple had set a deadline of January 1, 2017, by which all apps offered through the App Store needed to be ATS-compliant. We noted that the majority of apps — even very popular ones —were currently non-compliant, as well as discussing some developer concerns about the difficulty involved in meeting the deadline.

In a terse statement posted on the Apple Developers website just before the new year, the January 1st deadline was pushed back indefinitely. The company stated that their aim was to give developers more time to prepare. As yet, there has been no announcement of a new deadline, though Apple promised to provide an update after settling upon a new date.

Given the high number of apps which currently rely on ATS exceptions, perhaps it’s no surprise that Apple delayed the deadline. As the goal is protecting users and safeguarding their data, providing a longer window to ensure broader compliance seems wise. Check back for any new information, as we’ll want to keep an eye on this story as it develops into the new year.

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