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Stealth Signal for Mac OS & Mac OS X

Computer equipment is stolen every second around the world. What makes you believe your computer is any bit safer than the next guys. The concept of Stealth Signal is simple. When you use the Stealth Signal service your computer is being kept tabs on, so the next time someone steals your laptop of desktop computer they will help you locate it, read how...

How Stealth Signal Operates:
A small undetectable program (Stealth Signal Transmitter) is installed in your computer. This program silently tries to send a signal to our Monitoring Network at random times without affecting your computer's normal operations.

When the Stealth Signal Monitoring Network receives a signal from the Stealth Signal agent, the unit identification and the time are stored in their activity records database.

The activity records can be accessed online by login in to the Control Center at our web site, this information can only be browsed with a valid Stealth Signal account and password.

If the computer is stolen or lost, the user must notify Stealth Signal by logging into their website and filling out the stolen or lost form. Once the proper form is submitted they will initiate the localization and recovery process.

Corporations and Networks with more than one computer can have easy access to quickly locating and reporting stolen computers. Easily tell when the computer was last online and from what service provider.

Stealth Signal works with the local authorities, phone companies and Internet service providers in the localization and recovery of the lost or stolen computer. When you have multiple computers using this program you can easily search your records to quickly find the computer.

I don't care who you are, if you have hardware that you value then you want some sort of measure to keeping it safe.

I have heard hackers say things like, "If I was to steal a computer I wouldn't connect it to the Internet first thing, I'd wipe (erase) the hard drive." Sure some people would do that, others who are in it for the money or information would ether sell the computer for a quick buck (keeping all the software in tact) or try to get information off of it, transferring data from one computer to another. If the stolen computer goes online or is connected to a modem it will notify Stealth Signal.

What person would think that YOU would have tracking software on your computer, you're innocent. The thieves are thinking of you as dumb because they have your computer(s). Do not let the thieves have the last laugh - Catch them. This is just another way of security.

This program is perfect for anyone with a laptop or desktop computer. The yearly service fee for this program is nothing compared to what it would cost to replace the computer - and the priceless amounts of data stored on it.

SecureMac's computers have Signal Stealth installed so if indeed any of our computers are stolen we can track them down easier and recover all equipment! It doesn't matter what operating system your machines are running, chances are there is the Stealth Signal software for it.

Mac OS X users you're not left out, this software title does work for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 under the same license. Download the free demo today.

Platforms supported:
Windows ME
Windows 2000
NT Workstation
NT Server
Mac System 7.X
Mac OS 8.X
Mac OS 9.X
Mac OS X
Coming soon:
Windows CE

Download for Mac OS and Mac OS X

Stealth Signal Transmitter V.5.0 for Macintosh OS 9.1 and OS X (PPC, G3, G4) Pre-release
Stealth Signal Transmitter V.4.4 for Macintosh 68K

Download directly from for any platform

Register / Registration Fees
Download the 15 day DEMO, see how easy it is to track and have Stealth Signal monitor your computer. The monthly fee for the service ranges depending on how many computers you license it for and if you are part of a government agency or educational system.

Visit for more information or pick up the phone and call one of their reps anytime. 1-888-840-9095. Their services are international and have the software ported to multiple languages


Additional Information
Computers are worth a lot more than we think off hand. Sure the hardware costs hundreds to thousands of dollars but you have to put a price on how much your data is worth, what it's worth to others. What it would cost to replace it, do you back up data? Financial reports? Grade books, confidential information? If someone does steal your computer you want to know who, and you will want it back, recommends looking into this program and giving it a try

(Anti-Theft Monitoring Service)
Author: Stealth Signal

Yearly Service:
#Licn Laptop Desktop
500+ $ 39.00 $ 29.00
100+ $ 41.00 $ 31.00
10+ $ 43.00 $ 33.00
1-9 $ 45.00 $ 35.00

Let us know about any security issues or your experience with this program!

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