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Sub7 Macintosh Addition – The Mac Client to the PC Server

Posted on June 2, 2001


SubSeven is a Remote Adminstration Tool/Trojan for Windows. It consists of 3 main files: SubSeven.exe (client), Server.exe, EditServer.exe (server configuration utility).

The SubSeven server application (the one that lets users obtain remote access) is only for Windows! Your Macintosh will not be infected by this windows trojan.

Below you will see a picture of the SubSeven server settings for the Windows operating system. This is the configuration utility edits the server settings. If you do not have virus protection software on your PC computers, we suggest you install right away – SubSeven can be easily hidden and configured in all sorts of ways!
sub7editserverTo read up more on SubSeven for Windows you can visit their website:

Sub7 Macintosh Edition:

The only part of the SubSeven package that has been ported over to the MacOS has been the client. This file will not infect you or your PCs with the SubSeven trojan/tool.

Team2600, a group of Macintosh developers released a PR version of Sub7ME to demonstrate the ability that Sub7 has. Not all functionality in this program works, to test it you will need a PC that has the server installed. If you are just interested in what type of functions SubSeven offers you can browse through the program.


The Macintosh Edition includes, but not limited to, the following commands:
Get PC Info, Get Home Info, Server Options, IP Notify, Keyboard, Chat, Matrix display, Clipboard Manager, FLip screen, print manager, browser, Desktop Webcam, Windows manager, mouse manager, CD-Rom Eject, Speakers, reboot, caps lock, and numlock.

Download Sub7 Macintosh Edition Preview 2:

Sub7 Macintosh Edition for OS X
Sub7 Macintosh Edition for Classic

Whats new in Preview 2?

  •     Bug Fixes
  •     Interface Enhancements
  •     Enhanced Key Logged Functionality
  •     Status and Error Message Dialogs
  •     Client/Server Chat Features
  •     DOS Prompt capability
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